How to be a foreign teacher working with us?

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Step 1:send your information like CV,photo,introduction video and class demo video.

Step 2:we will arrange you an interview if we think you are good for our position according to your information.

Step 3:we will send you the contract if we decide to hire you.

Step 4:we will ask you for visa documents to prepare visa for you.

Step 5:book a ticket as soon as you get your visa and let us to know your flight information too.

Step 6:we will arrange a car to drive you to the hotel.

Step 7:have a good rest and come to our company.we will help you to get your sim card,bank card,transportation card and so on.we will complete your visa procedure including physical examination.

Step 8:we will sign the contract on the paper and we need to have your video,photo and your passport copy.

Step 9:you will have a few days training during that we will arrange you some interviews with our customers.

Step 10:go to the school to start your teaching job there.and you will move to an apartment that is close to the school.